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I cannot tell you how OBSESSED I was with this castle. I hate when people say Disney is just for kids. Kids don’t appreciate the little things yet, you know? This castle was my favorite part, and I’ve been obsessed with it and have been reading about it for years. 

I was trying to explain the perspective tricks to my two cousins. I LOVE how the constructors did it. They used a forced perspective to make it look larger than it actually is. They did that for the other 2 castles too. (quick shoutout to Ariels amazing castle oh my goddddd). Anyway, the top pointy thing on the tippy top of the castle is actually HALF of its size. They scaled and angled everything on it PERFECTLY so its really an optical illusion of its distance and height.

Disney does this stuff all the time. All over the park there are hidden themes and details. The architecture of this castle was (obviously) based off of castles from around the world. It has a moat AND real gold built into it. There are mosaics in the hallway through the castle you can walk through and it tells the story of Cinderella. It was designed to be tall enough to see from really far away so that in some of the other parks and places, you can still get a pic of it in the background. 

There IS a suite available for special and select guests. Seriously though, google Cinderella’s suit because it is INCREDIBLE!!!! Theres a lobby and a changing room too for the characters because they put on a ton of shows and parades during the day. They are all perfect by the way, Disney does NOT mess around!!! The light show on the castle was AMAZING. They had all the movies and decorated it to this song and I literally teared up when they did the lantern scene. I recorded the whole thing. There are different themes for different seasons as well.

The entire experience really was magical. You don’t even have to be a Disney fan to appreciate this stuff. I just LOVE little details about things, and since I love Disney, it makes me even more obsessed. I think i was always a Disney fan because they always WENT there ya know. They always went the extra mile and put every single bit of effort into it. Hidden meanings everywhere. 

I took some of these pics. AMAZING!!

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